Courtroom Presentation


Our experience trial staff and state-of-the-art equipment will provide your firm with all the required resources and support needed for successful and effective courtroom or trial presentations.

We understand that every case is unique and provides its own set of needs when it comes to presentations. Digital Verdict can customize our services to facilitate the requirements for your case.  



Our Courtroom Presentation Services

Easy Presentation

We use presentation software to minimize time and maintain jury attention during trial.

Software Support

Our multimedia operators use both TrialDirector and OnCue for presentation during trial.

Deposition Editing

Create deposition edit clips using your designations. 

Video Sync

Sync your video with the deposition transcript and create a database for your case.

Content Creation

Provide help with PowerPoint Presentations.

Trial Boards

We provide full color trial boards and black and white trial boards. Available with flat or gloss finish, edging, magnetic trial boards, fully customized for your needs.

Document Management

Scan and Code your trial exhibits for easy addition of exhibits to your database or as PDF Files for easy production.

Equipment Rental

If the courtroom does not have equipment, we can provide equipment such as Projectors, Sound Systems, Flat Screen Monitors and Elmo Presenters.

Equipment Management

We can provide multimedia operators to run all equipment and software during trial.

Total Solution

We provide a turnkey solution to all of your courtroom presentation needs.

I've had the pleasure of working with the team at Digital Verdict since 2016. And since that time, they are the first and only vendor that comes to mind when needing litigation support services....

Whether it be hosting services, assistance with production, audio and graphics, or trial presentation, they possess the two qualities you want and need in a vendor: effort and reliability. They just get things done. If a problem arises, I won't hear about it because they've figured out the solution on their own.  Jeff, Stephanie, and rest of the group truly act as an extension of your trial team. I can't count how many weekends and nights they've spent working on cases right next to the lawyers and law firm staff, matching dedication and quality every step of the way.

Plus, they are just good people you can trust. If you work with Digital Verdict, you will have peace of mind that your client and case are in great hands.

Kartik Singapura, Senior Counsel with Bell Nunnally

Digital Verdict is my go-to trial technology firm. Their team will work around the clock to have everything prepared on your schedule, not theirs...

I’ve tried cases with them out of town and they set up my war room and worked with me overnight to have me prepared in the morning.  I especially appreciate having Stephanie Johnston in the courtroom with me to play my deposition clips for impeachment and to expertly and creatively display the exhibits as I examine the witnesses.  She and the entire team are top notch.

Chris Trowbridge, Managing Partner with Bell Nunnally

Stephanie and Jeff were instrumental in assisting us in a trial that was tried both in person and ultimately finished by Zoom...

Jeff assisted throughout the litigation to efficiently manage thousands of documents, preparation of exhibit lists as well as the exchange and management of hundreds of exhibits throughout trial.  Stephanie came on only weeks before trial and had the poise, professionalism, and knowledge to deal with a team of disparate lawyers in the middle of a pandemic and handled trial tech as well as all demonstrative aids for opening and closing.  The final week of trial was, at the last minute, determined to be remote and the week following the big 2021 freeze. Stephanie and Jeff never blinked and handled everything seamlessly.  My only complaint is that Stephanie won’t come to work for me full time.

Kenneth C. Meixelsperger, Partner at Cherry | Petersen | Landry | Albert LLP


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